Columbus Begins Preseason Training Without Starting Fixo, Junyor Zanelatto

Columbus, Ohio, USA Columbus Futsal NEWS

A familiar name will be missing from the Columbus Futsal roster for the 2017-2018 season.

Columbus began preseason training late last month. The starting fixo and captain, Junyor Zanelatto was only able to bear through and endure one training session.

In recent days, Columbus Futsal management has learned that Zanelatto will undergo surgery on his left knee for a complete ACL and MCL reconstruction. During evaluations, surgeons at Orthopedic One discovered grade 2 and grade 3 ligament tears. They noted due to strong muscles and tendons around his previously injured knee, he was still able to play futsal under these conditions for the last two years. Zanelatto is scheduled for surgery Friday, October 20th, just 8 weeks before the start of the North American Premier Futsal League (NAPFL).

In 2014, while playing professional futsal in Brazil for Real Academia, Zanelatto was injured in a 1v1 challenge against a golerio (goal keeper). As a result, Brasilian surgeons placed two screws in his left knee, leaving Junyor off the court and without futsal for 1 year and 4 months.

Zanelatto has not been able to play at his full ability since this initial injury. He made it clear he had been playing at a mere 75-80% of his normal performance.

If you haven't seen the Columbus team in action, you certainly missed some of the most exciting times in the club's history.

"This is a really devastating time not only for Junyor, but for our fans, teammates, and the organization as a whole", said team owner, Malissa Galiffo Garcia.

"He has devoted so much to us here in Columbus. We know how much futsal means to him and how hard this must be. We are here in full support during his recovery. He still has a lot to give to the world of futsal in other ways than just a player. I 100% believe he still has a lot to accomplish!"

Since his time in the club, they have tried several conventional therapies to help with the pain and soreness in the fixo's knee. Other therapies included platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, cryotherapy, and NormaTech recovery boots.

Surgeons are optimistic that the 28-year-old professional futsal player will be able to return between 9-14 months post operation. They plan to remove the two screws and repair the ruptured ligaments. The old screws from his surgery in Brazil will be replaced with new screws that have the ability to help new bone fuse around it.

Zanelatto says he will still be there to support the team and club in the coming months. Columbus Futsal is set to start their third NAPFL season in December with a line up of teams from Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Ft. Wayne, and Chicago.

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